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How to put on compression socks

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How to put on compression socks

Recovery compression socks are a staple for most athletes. They provide support to our muscles after exercise, promoting blood flow and aiding recovery; read more about their benefits in our guide to compression socks. However, many people fall at the first hurdle when they try using compression socks because they can be deceptively difficult to put on properly. In this short guide, we’ll show you the easiest way to put on compression socks, so that you can begin reaping the rewards and realising your full athletic potential.

Why are compression socks so difficult to put on?

Quite simply, compression socks are so difficult to put on because they need to be very tight (hence ‘compression’). They need to be tight in order to adequately support the muscles in your lower leg. This tight compression of the lower leg, especially after exercise, is what provides the circulatory and recovery benefits they’re designed for.

Purchase the right pair

Firstly, buying compression socks that fit correctly is paramount to seeing the best results. Too loose and your compression socks won’t provide the necessary pressure and support to your legs, and thus will be ineffective aids to recovery and injury prevention. Too tight and they’ll be incredibly difficult (if not impossible) to put on, and may actually cause more harm than good.

Putting on your compression socks correctly

  • Make sure your feet and legs are dry before attempting to put on your compression socks. If you’ve ever worn a wetsuit, you’ll know it’s infinitely more difficult to put on/take off when wet compared with when you’re dry.
  • Grab hold of the top of one sock with one hand, place your other hand inside and pinch the heel.
  • Then, pull the top of the sock down over the pinched heel. The leg part of the sock should now be rolled over the foot from the ankle so that the sock resembles an ankle or trainer sock. In this position, the sock will now be easy to put on, much like an ankle or trainer sock.
  • Once your foot’s in the sock, gently roll the rest of the sock up your leg.
  • Make sure you pull it all the way up and smooth out any ripples and folds in the material. The sock should be pressed flush against your leg and foot in order to provide maximum support. Repeat the steps with the other foot.

You should feel comfortably supported by the socks. If they don’t fit correctly or are uncomfortable, you may have the wrong size socks and we recommend you either change sizes or seek advice from a specialist.

There you have it! Enertor’s simple guide to correctly putting on compression socks. If you’ve been curious about compression socks for recovery or athletic performance, try a pair of Enertor Recovery Socks. We’re so confident in the quality of our products that we’ll give you a full refund if you decide to return your socks within 60 days. Start reaping the benefits of recovery compression socks today!