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How you can get better overall fitness and shape by using a pull up bar

If you want to improve your overall fitness or sculpt your upper body shape, you can’t ignore the benefits of pull ups.  

Pull ups are compound exercises, and work various muscle groups, including arms, chest, shoulders and back. Using multiple muscle groups and joints will create a far more effective workout in a shorter amount of time.

It’s fairly common for people to confuse pull ups with chin ups, or to think that they are the same exercise, so before we go any further let’s look at about the difference between pull ups vs chin ups and how each can improve your fitness and shape at the same time. 

Pull ups vs chin ups 

A common mistake runners and others make is to assume pull ups and chin ups are the same. They do use many of the same muscle groups, but in different ways. Pull ups use an overhand grip, while chin ups use an underhand grip. For effectiveness, the best course of action is to alternate between the two to avoid overuse and muscle fatigue. Pull ups focus more on using the lats, while chin ups ask more from your biceps. You may be better at one or the other at first, but a rotating routine will see an even sculpt across muscle groups. 

Fitness and body sculpting 

If you’re looking for an efficient exercise that hits a lot of muscle groups in one go, then the benefits of pull ups cannot be ignored. You’ll get plenty of burn in a short time, and the effect is a broad back and shoulders with narrow waist – the traditional V shape desired by body builders. Broadening your back muscles (the latissimus dorsi, or ‘lats’) helps support other muscles and gives a visual improvement to body shape. The best way to get started with pull up exercises is to invest in a high quality pull up bar.

Efficient and effective workout for overall fitness 

It’s commonly said that the deadlift is the most efficient activity you can do in a gym to improve overall strength. Pulls ups come a very close second to this. While deadlifts do work the lower body, pull ups focus exclusively on the complex upper body. They will be difficult to start with, because you are pulling your own bodyweight. Use a lat pull down machine first if you need to work your way up. 

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