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4 tips from professional runners

We don’t all have the time to train like elite runners, but there is a lot we can take from their workout schedules. Adapt these professional running tips to your program and see what a difference they can make to your speed and recovery. 


Use a benchmark workout 


At the beginning of your training season, run a specific time trial or distance that’s short and repeatable. Try 5 x 100m sprints if you’re a short distance runner, or 6 x 800 lengths if you chase bigger distances. Repeat the workout every two weeks and record your splits to judge your speed and recovery improvements as you get closer to the race. 


Take your warm up seriously 


This is one of the professional running tips that everyone should use. Pro runners can warm up for anywhere up to 40 minutes before their training session starts. If you’re running first thing in the morning before work, you might not have that long. Instead, do some stretches and walk, or jog slowly for the first 10 minutes or so. Up your pace once your body is warm. 


It’s smart to reassess training goals 


Listen to your body. If you start out on a hard tempo run but your body starts protesting early, it’s ok to back off. Everyone has days when the mind is willing but the body just isn’t. Change your plans to a less stressful activity, or go home to rest. It could be your body telling you to rest more, or reassess your nutrition. 


Do recovery days the right way 


It seems counter-intuitive to rest sometimes, especially in the lead up to a big race. But it’s absolutely necessary to let your body heal itself and gain new strength in between training sessions. Remember this is one of the best professional running tips for when your gym buddies are encouraging you to push hard on your easy days. The most elite runners know that strategic rest days can make a huge difference to results on race day. 


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