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How to pick the perfect pair of running shorts

If you want to feel comfortable on your runs, you’ll need to think beyond your favourite running shoes. Picking the right shorts can make all the difference to your comfort level and your performance. This running shorts guide should help you find the pair that suits your needs. 



Consider how long you need your shorts to be. Generally, a shorter inseam will give greater freedom of movement on runs. Longer lengths will provide more protection and potentially reduced chafing, too. If you do wear shorter shorts, remember to use an anti-chafing cream for longer distances. 



Compression shorts are very close fitting and may help to aid performance and improve recovery. Looser styles of shorts are perfect for shorter runs (the fabric is more prone to rubbing and chafing over longer distances). If you are thinking of performance in particular, look for close-fitting split shorts. These are the shorts you’ll find in every running shorts guide. The splits on the outer seams provide even more freedom of movement and can be very comfortable to wear. 



Waistbands vary a lot on running shorts. Wide bands can provide a comfortable fit. Shorts that have a lot of fabric bunching around the waistline may be uncomfortable over longer distances or times, while flat bands dig in less and give a flatter silhouette. You will probably find a cord or elastic sown in to allow for adjustments to suit your waist. 



Liners are more prevalent in very short, closer fitting shorts. They are a second skin under the shorts that provide support, for men’s bodies in particular. Liners remove the need for underwear, which reduces chafing and uncomfortable movements. A running shorts guide can tell you that women’s shorts can also come with liners, and that unisex shorts are best avoided as the universal liner may not provide enough support. 



Finally, consider your need for pockets or storage while you’re running. Running shorts usually only have a small flat pocket for storing a key or some emergency money. If your shorts have pockets that are large enough to store your wallet and smartphone, they probably aren’t designed for serious distances. 


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