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Every runner should try one of these obstacle course races


Road running offers a lot of benefits, but sometimes it’s a good idea to mix things up a bit. If you’re looking for a total-body challenge that will leave you equally shattered and proud, you should check out these obstacle course races. They’ll definitely give you a run for your money and you can find them all in the UK. 


Zombie Mud Run 


Hilarious fun over an achievable distance, the Zombie Mud Run is a 5K with a difference. Get through the military-style obstacle course while protecting yourself against zombies stationed along the track. Runners have three flags on a belt (heart, brain, guts), and the zombies are out to get them. Cross the line with at least one flag attached to leave ‘alive’. 


Tough Mudder 


This is one of the most well-known obstacle course races. Face at least 10 miles of challenging obstacles that are designed to be tackled as a team. Bring friends or go it alone – you will have forged bonds with other ‘Mudders’ by the end. No prizes for times, just satisfaction that you made it to the end of this challenging race. 


Spartan Race 


Offered over three distances, the Spartan Races are fun but also very challenging. They differ from most other obstacle course races because they have a competitive element alongside the personal challenge of just managing to complete the course at all. With plenty of merch and a ‘Spartan Code’, this race looks like a community in the making. 


Men’s Health Survival of the Fittest 


Billed as ‘the world’s biggest urban adventure race’, these mad cap obstacle courses are laid out in the hearts of London, Manchester, Nottingham and Cardiff. Urban environments are certainly less muddy but don’t let that reassure you – these are still extremely challenging courses that demand a lot from you. Of course, you have the additional benefit of doing it in front of crowds of tourists and locals alike. 


Mighty Deerstalker 


For a final challenge, we recommend the Mighty Deerstalker, a night run through the Scottish Borders. Wearing tweed is recommended as you go ‘across rivers, through forests and over a mountain or two’. Good luck and take heart, the Mighty Beerstalker after-party is a just reward. 


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