New year’s resolutions for runners

New year’s resolutions for runners

There seems to be something magical about January 1. It inspires a keen interest in starting fresh and taking on new challenges. If you’re a runner (or you’ve just decided you want to become one), here are some smart new year’s resolutions you can put in place to turn your running goals into reality.


Resolution: take action


Write out a schedule, or block out time in your planner for running. Make appointments with yourself and don’t change them for any other commitment. Then, take action. Put your shoes on and just start. Don’t overthink it. Start slow and steady. Walk for 15 minutes if you’ve never run before. Just go.


Resolution: lose weight


Any extra weight you carry slows you down on the track. Make resolutions to trim down your body fat percentage without compromising muscle mass. If you find yourself reaching for a snack, have a glass of water and wait 15 minutes. If you’re still hungry, grab something healthy. Prepping snacks ahead of time will help you make healthier choices.


Resolution: make running friendships


Running is often a solo sport, but if you’re the social type, seek out friends who run. Share your new year’s resolutions on social media, seek out local runner’s clubs or even spend some time at your local sports store. The team there are likely to be in touch with local running events.


Resolution: run a 5K


If you’ve never run a 5K before, why not try it this year? Check out your local Parkrun . It’s a free, timed 5K race held every Saturday morning all across the UK and globally. Start by walking if you need to (you won’t be the only one), and try increasing your run distance each week. You’ll be setting personal bests before you know it.


Resolution: run a charity race


If you want to get healthy and help others at the same time, look for a local charity race. Focus on training for the race and raise money for a good cause. A new year’s resolution doesn’t have to just benefit yourself – help others at the same time.


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