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The 4 best running routes to do in London

Are you looking for a new London running route? It’s always good to refresh your running routine. It keeps things interesting and can help you discover new things about the city. New terrain helps prevent you falling into a rut and can help you take on more challenging distances, since your old distance markers aren’t there to remind you of how far you’ve come.

Start from Wimbledon Common, 3.18M (5K)

Find the Old Windmill some time in the evening once the tourists have packed up and headed home. It’s the perfect London running route for people who want to experiment with different distances. There’s plenty of paths to explore, and a simple 5K loop starting and finishing from the Windmill makes this an achievable and beautiful run. There are so many trails to explore, you could easily extend this if you fancy.

Start from Lancaster Gate, 7.22M (11.6K)

If you have a bit more in the tank, try looping some of London’s most famous parks. Loop Kensington Gardens, Hyde Park, Green Park and St James’ Park. You’ll take in some of the city’s most famous green spaces and there’s plenty of historical markers to keep it interesting. Keep this run to daylight hours as Kensington Gardens is restricted in the evenings.

Start from Woolwich Foot Tunnel 37M (60K)

Of course, if you’re not interested in taking on a casual ultra-marathon on the weekend, you can just take this route as far as you like before heading home. Create your own London running route by starting at the Foot Tunnel and run along the river. When you find a bridge cross it and continue along the other side until you come to the next. The zig-zagging will keep things interesting, and the bridges will give you a taste of hill climbs.

Start from Finsbury Park 5M (8K)

Explore the old Abandoned Railway along the Parkland Walk. Keep your run to the early afternoon to take advantage of the shade. The woodland has grown over a retired railway and has plenty of sculptures and historical gems to discover along the way – including the old platforms of former stations.


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