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Lighten your load with ENERTOR!

ENERTOR’s insoles can help everyone, and though Usain Bolt is our product’s most high-profile user, you don’t have to be a sprinter to feel the benefits.

Even those break their limits at slow and steady paces, climbing to new heights, can see big-time benefits.

The hiking blog Wandering Sasquatch (who doesn’t love that name, by the way) took ENERTOR along for a recent hike and reaped the benefits. Anyone who has hiked knows how tired your legs and lower body can feel for days after an epic trek through the woods, streams and mountains.

ENERTOR can shoulder some of that burden for you, and let you make your way further into the wilderness or, if you’re sticking to your usual route, help take away some of the pain and recovery time that comes for any hiker, experienced or beginner.

Here’s what Brian from Wandering Sasquatch had to say about his experience:

On a recent trip to Shenandoah National Park, I slipped the Enertor Performance Insoles into my hiking boots to give them a thorough test. Over the course of the week I hiked over 40 miles of trails. Anyone who has hiked the Appalachians in Virginia can attest to how rocky the trails are and how brutal those rocks can be on your feet.

After a few days of hiking with the Enertor Performance Insoles, my feet felt like I had been hiking 3 or 4 miles daily, not the 9+ miles I was actually putting in. Why? Because the insoles use a technology called D30 that not only cushions your foot but also helps return energy to your forefoot when you step. Now, I’m not a scientist, so I can’t tell you how they made this happen, all I know is that when I was hiking it felt like I had a pillow under my heel and a spring under my toes.

Brian shifted the insoles to his running shoes later on and felt the same effects.

Check out his full post here.

Simply put: We love hearing stories like this! We love knowing our insoles can help people break their limits in any number of ways.

Have we helped you? Let us know how and we might feature you here on the blog!

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