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8 Tips for Injury Free Running

Here are 8 simple tips you can use to achieve injury free running.

Rotate your running shoes

Running shoes have a typical life span of around 500 miles. If you purchase two pairs of running shoes and alternate them evenly, you will give the soles time to decompress. This will extend the life of both pairs and extend the amount of cushioning your feet get on those long runs.

Stretch well

It’s almost a cliché but it’s important to stretch to maintain injury free running. Make sure your body is stretched and warm before running to avoid putting too much demand on stiff muscles and tendons.

Moderate your stride

Overstriding puts strain on your joints and tires you out as you require more energy to pull your body forward to meet your foot fall. Combine this with a forefoot or midfoot strike to reduce shock to the joints.

Track data

Keep a simple record of any niggles and pains that you notice while you run and in the days afterward. Also note what type of run you were doing. If the issue gets worse you may be able to pinpoint the cause, and your health professional will have enough context to provide a good diagnosis and treatment.

Diversify workouts

Limiting your training to running may lead to a weaker core and upper body. Implement cross-training strategies to balance your body’s strength. This will help your musculature to remain in good health, promote injury free running and reduce misalignment and compensatory pain.

Don’t run in your old shoes

Don’t run in retired running shoes or other causal footwear. The lack of support and cushioning will invite injury, particularly if the change is sudden or you attempt a rigorous run.


Dehydration can cause serious internal injuries. It’s surprising how little it takes to cause the body major distress.  Take on plenty of water and electrolytes during runs in warm weather. Drink well even after light or short sessions.

Check your gait

Ask a professional to conduct a gait analysis for you. They will be able to identify any over or under pronation, or other issues. When you know how your foot falls naturally you can make an informed decision about the style of running shoe you need to prevent injury.

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