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Why running socks are as important as your shoes

Running can put a lot of stress on your feet. Most runners will agree that your choice of footwear will make a huge difference to your endurance, joint protection and ability to recover after a long or difficult run.  


What is often overlooked, is the importance and worth of running socks. It’s been said before and it’s true: why buy an expensive pair of running shoes and then wrap your feet in low-quality socks? Socks have a surprising role in supporting a runner, especially through longer distance races. 


Reducing movement 


If you’ve ever worn cheap socks, you might recall the feeling of slipping and sliding in your shoes, even while walking. Higher quality running socks can provide additional grip that stabilises your feet inside your shoes. The reduction in movement reduces friction, which means fewer painful blisters. 


Moisture wicking 


Speaking of blisters, there’s a lot that technical running socks can do to prevent them. Using a double layer of fabric in the socks reduces movement but also draws sweat and moisture away from the skin. When the skin remains relatively dry and has less friction to irritate the skin, blisters are far less likely to occur.  


Additional cushioning 


While your mileage may vary on this point, some runners swear by their socks to provide additional padding and cushioning around high impact areas like heels, balls of feet and toes. Every little bit might help on uneven trails or hard surfaces. 


Additional joint support 


Some running socks provide extra support by creating a firm weave around the ankle area that extends to the top of the socks. If you’re prone to weakness in your ankle joints but don’t want to be restricted by support bandages or wraps, a strategic sock choice might make the difference for you. 


Some people suspect that running socks are a novelty item, but modern technical advances makes us think there are benefits to be found. It certainly won’t hurt to trial a pair on your next training run.  It is worth checking out Enertor’s Energy run socks, made with advanced materials and clever construction techniques.


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