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I have pain in my knee when I work out, what’s wrong?

Everyone who works out or exercises will eventually experience pain and discomfort in some way. If you have just started working our you may notice pain in your knee and be wondering what the cause could be. People who have been running or exercising for some time may have a better understanding of the causes of knee pain and may recognise the symptoms of patellofemoral syndrome. We’ll give you some information about the most common form of knee pain when working out.

The most common type of knee pain people experience while working out is called patellofemoral syndrome, also known as runner’s knee. This painful condition isn’t limited to runners however, and there a number of reasons why you may experience it.

You might recognise this condition if the pain you feel is located behind the kneecap. The pain is caused by the kneecap rubbing up against the thigh bone. It is usually caused by a lack of muscle or weakness in the supporting structures that usually hold the kneecap in place. Muscle weakness can drag the kneecap into a position where friction occurs. A lack of balance, poor posture or poor gait may also contribute.

If you notice that your walking style causes your heels to hit the ground before the front of your foot you may be more susceptible to this type of pain in your knees.

Unfortunately, patellofemoral syndrome typically gets worse over time. The more the kneecap and thigh bone rub together, the more pain and inflammation will occur. You may notice the pain particularly when you climb stairs, go for a run, do squats or stand up.

If you’re unsure about the cause of your knee pain, speak to a medical professional. Other common types of knee pain include tendonitis, arthritis, stress fractures, cysts and torn ligaments. These will all need treatment specific to the injury.

How to treat knee pain after a workout

If you notice you have pain in knee after working out, take some time to rest. Many knee injuries can be improved by applying cool packs, elevating the area and resting as much as possible. Don’t force yourself to work out while you’re injured as the pain will only get worse over time.


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