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I have pain in my foot what’s wrong?

Our feet are often taken for granted, at least they are until they start to hurt. Feet are surprisingly intricate with plenty of small bones, tendons and muscles all working together to give us mobility and balance. When you have an injured foot it can be confusing and difficult to identify why it’s hurting. Here are some of the most common reasons people report feeling pain in their feet, and how you might be able to relieve the pain from your foot injury.


A bunion is a hard lump that’s found on the inside of the foot at the base of the big toe. Largely thought to be genetic, they can become painful if shoes are worn that are too small. Pressure on the bunion can cause raw skin and blisters, along with deep discomfort. In the worst cases, bunions can force the big toe to point inward, causing further pain. Choosing the right sized shoes can make a big impact on comfort levels. Wear shoes that have plenty of room at the front of the shoe (the ‘toe box’) and consider using insoles to help situate your feet correctly in your shoes.

Achilles tendonitis

If you wear high heel shoes or boots, over the long term you may notice this common cause of an injured foot. This injury manifests as an ache in your Achilles tendon, located along the back of your foot. This ache comes from inflammation and overuse and can be very painful. You may notice discomfort while you are walking if you have this condition. Wear shoes with lower soles to reduce the pain in your foot caused by Achilles tendonitis, ice the area if it’s particularly painful and rest when you can.

Plantar fasciitis

At the bottom of your foot there is fibrous tissue, called the plantar fascia. If you are carrying extra weight or spend a lot of time on your feet, you may notice a painful ache develop and this can lead to an injured foot –  it is an overuse injury and the fascia often doesn’t have enough time to heal itself. Rest helps to reduce inflammation, and speak to a physiologist about strengthening your lower leg and foot muscles to help relieve the pressure.


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