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How to start running

You’ve heard how fantastic the ‘runner’s high’ feels. Maybe you’ve sat in the park and watched people jogging past and you’ve thought to yourself, ‘I wish I could do that’. If you’re keen to start running but don’t know where to begin, this post is for you!

Start where you’re at – Don’t try to take on a marathon in your first week. Start by going for 30 minute walks a few times a week. If you’re already doing some exercise regularly, then start with run/walk intervals for 30 minutes. After a warm up, walk for 4 minutes and then jog for one. Do that for a week, and then start to shorten the walking times and lengthen the running times. Do it slowly – a 30 second change a week.

Find an awesome route – The early days can be hard, so help yourself out by running somewhere you enjoy. If a treadmill is all you have, put a good show on the TV. Otherwise, search out local trails or tracks by rivers, for example. Avoid stoplights if you can, because they can interrupt your flow.

Gear up – Avoid injury by getting the right running gear. Invest in a decent pair of running shoes. Head to a speciality shoe store and get the right advice from the start. The right shoes can help you go further and reduce muscle soreness. As you begin to run more frequently you can check out clothes designed to reduce friction while running, too.

Get motivated – If you’ve got a plan, the right gear and a great place to run, you’re more likely to be in the right mindset to continue your new activity. Listen to your body of course, if you’re really sore take a day off or go for a walk. But don’t let laziness or a lack of motivation stop you from reaching your running goals. Make it a part of your routine. Think about why you started and what you want to get out of it long-term.

Patience is key – This last point is really important. Go easy on yourself! If you’re starting from nothing, it’s going to take some time to reach your goals. You are literally teaching your body something new and it will take a while for it to build new muscles, and for your lung capacity to increase. You can do it – stick at it and you’ll be running in no time!


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