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How to set running goals for 2017

Some of us aren’t waiting until January 1st to set our running goals for the new year. There’s a hunger driving us toward the next race, the next PB, the next challenge. Get thinking now about what you want to achieve in the next 12 months.

Where are you at now? – There’s no merit in setting huge, unrealistic goals for yourself. Start by assessing where your health and fitness levels are now. Write down your current times and work toward slowly increasing them in a good length of time. Don’t try to hit an April marathon if you’re struggling to see out a 10k. Scheduling one for the end of the year might be a better idea.

Measure up – Write your goals up somewhere that you can see them. Enter them in to your phone as an alarm so you’re reminded every day of where you’re aiming for. Get specific – do you want to increase your time or your distance? By how much? Do you want to qualify for a big meet coming up? What exactly do you need to do to get there? Staying accurate will help keep you focused.

Get realistic – There’s two ways you can drive towards your goals. The first is to set an ambitious target and then push yourself to meet it, totally ignoring your body and what it’s trying to tell you. Forcing yourself too hard will result in injury and lost training time. Instead, set a solid target with mini milestones along the way. Listen to your body – if you’re tired or hurting, don’t push! Don’t set yourself up for failure. Slowly increase your speed or distance in small increments. Don’t jump from a 5k to a 10k in a week. Space it out and you’ll see better results with less down time.

Book it in – Make appointments with yourself and stick to them. Sometimes life gets in the way, but if you’ve scheduled your run times into your planner, you’re more likely to get those miles under your belt than if you just say to yourself that you’ll try to get a run in once or twice a week. If you’ve blocked the time out, get running! Don’t waste the time you’ve given yourself.


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