How to run in a heatwave

How to run in a heatwave

The recent burst in hot weather has us all scrambling for our short sleeves. The change in temperature can be a welcome change, but don’t forget to change up your running routine to match. Running in warmer weather can take quite a toll on the body, so it’s best to prepare strategies for before, during and after your run in a heatwave.

Before your run

Hydrate well before you run. Sip slowly during your preparation time – gulping too much will make the run uncomfortable.

Choose your clothing well. If you want to run in a heatwave, you need to wear lightweight synthetic fabrics that wick sweat away from the skin. It might be tempting to run in a singlet, but your first sun burn may dissuade you for next time.

During your run

Hydrate well during your run. Take plenty of water with you or plan a route that includes public water fountains. Watch your electrolyte intake, too. When you sweat your lost vital salts that your body needs. Formulated sports hydration drinks and gels can help address the loss.

Change your timing to avoid the peak heat of the day. Running early in the morning or in the evening can take the worst heat out of the roads, will reduce glare, and reduce the risk of sunburn.

If you want to run in a heatwave, explore local parks and trails that have natural tree canopy coverage. Green spaces are always cooler than built up areas, and the additional shade will help keep your core temperature at an acceptable level.

After your run

Hydrate well after your run. We’ve included this at all three stages because it’s critical to your health when you run in a heatwave.

Keep moving after your run. Head into a cool shower to bring your temperature down and reduce any redness from too much sun exposure. If you do get sunburnt, avoid using soap. Rinse the skin in cool water and leave the area uncovered when you’re at home.

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