How to prepare for your winter runs – ENERTOR®

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How to prepare for your winter runs

Training never stops, even when the weather gets cold. However, you can always make it more enjoyable and comfortable by trying out a few things.

🎽 Layer Up

Instead of wearing one heavy layer, try to wear two to three lighter layers.

This way, pockets of air get trapped between the layers to keep you warm, and you can remove layers if it gets too hot.

✔️ Choose The Right Fabric

You need materials that can wick moisture away from your skin so, ideally, you should avoid cotton.

We recommend you wear a compression top as your first layer, then a looser long sleeve top, and finally a lightweight running jacket, ideally a bright colour with some reflection for added safety.

🧤 Cover Your Exposed Skin

If you’re running in very cold and wet conditions, consider also wearing gloves and a close fitting hat to limit how much skin is exposed to the elements.

👟 Get The Right Shoes

To get the best protection against rain, snow, and slush, Gore-Tex uppers can be a good option.