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How to make time to run

Deciding to run is easy. Trying to find the time to run in a busy schedule isn’t always quite as easy, is it? But it is possible with the right strategy. Check out these tips below to help you find a little more time to get out on the road or trail.

Get organised – Sometimes reducing the effort of starting is enough. If you lay out your running gear before you go to bed, you don’t have to waste 15 minutes staggering around in the morning trying to find it. Use prep time wisely to give yourself the extra time on foot.

Get up early – We’re all so busy these days. Getting to work, getting the kids to school, meeting our other goals for the day – it all competes for attention in the day. Even though it might seem like a challenge, try getting up 30 minutes earlier and going for a quick run. Do that for a couple of mornings. If you feel like you could keep running, start creeping the alarm clock back by 15 minutes a week until you have the time you need. The slow adjustment will help you cope better than suddenly waking up 2 hours earlier than normal.

Get off social media – It’s easy to fall into a death scroll of posts on social media. Do you really need to spend 30 minutes looking at irrelevant shares or pictures of other people’s holidays? If you have a morning routine of zoning out on your device, be deliberate about putting it down and getting outside. Trust us, you’ll still find time to get your updates later in the day.

Get help – If you’ve got kids, it can feel impossible to get the free time you need to run. Can you ask your neighbours to watch the kids for 30 minutes? Don’t be afraid to ask your family or friends to sit with them while you take some time for yourself. You could even hook up an alternative day swap with another running parent what will benefit you both.

Get prioritised – At the end of the day, if running is really important to you, you’ll make time. It’s easy to let self-care priorities fall by the wayside, especially if you spend time caring for or providing for others. If you don’t invest time in yourself, you’ll be worse off, with additional guilt for missing out on ‘you time’. Schedule it in your planner and don’t compromise.

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