How to have a mind and body connection while running

How to have a mind and body connection while running

As most runners know, the way you approach running mentally will have far greater impact on your ability to run than your physical state. Of course, you need to have relative fitness and good health to run, but as the saying goes, ‘the mind will give out before the legs do’. Try these mental approaches to running and see if you mind and body connection improves (along with your results).


Have fun while you’re running. Naturally, not every single run is going to be amazing – some are destined to be a little less enjoyable. But you should be aiming to feed good after the majority of your efforts. If your mind and body are working well together, any consistent lack of enjoyment can indicate an overtraining situation. Take a break or reduce your miles for a while.


Find your training sweet spot. What does your average weekly mileage look like? How many runs fit neatly into your schedule? Are you making time to run socially, or do you prefer quiet morning roads on your own? Creating your perfect schedule helps to get your mind and body into a rhythm that contributes to both physical and mental health.


Many people work much better when they have a goal to work towards. Goals can create an achievable endpoint and can make difficulty easier to bear. Set yourself a goal for some time later this year. It might be a new distance race, a new PB on an established distance, or another marker of your training progression. Whatever you choose, you are more likely to enjoy training and persevere through challenging training sessions if you establish a reason for it. Your body can tolerate increased physical loads – let a goal convince your mind that it’s ok to let that happen.


Finally, a way to bring mind and body into alignment is to let go of the small stuff. Micromanaging diet or training can often lead to stress and decreased enjoyment. If you can allow yourself to be flexible while sticking to the original plan, you will progress without letting a minor setback derail you plans completely.

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