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The best way to clean your running shoes

Cleaning your running shoes will help to extend their life, giving you more miles before it’s time to replace them. It also helps to reduce smell and bacteria, along with the general appearance of the shoes. It’s really easy to clean running shoes. Here’s how.

Cleaning the laces

We advise against cleaning your running shoes in the washing machine but the laces are fine to go in your machine. Remove the laces from the shoe and put them in the washing machine. You could put them into a laundry bag to keep the laces from tangling. Use normal washing powder and your regular cycle. 

Cleaning running shoes

Remove the insoles and then follow the steps below.

  1. Give the shoes a bang together or on the ground outside to knock off excess dirt
  2. Fill a basin or bucket with lukewarm water
  3. Put the shoes in the basin (one at a time is easiest)
  4. Put some regular dishwashing liquid on a scrubbing brush
  5. Scrub shoes to remove dirt and grime
  6. Rinse with clean water if preferred. 

How to dry running shoes

When your shoes are clean, leave them to dry in a warm room or in a place with plenty of moving fresh air. Do not leave them on top of, or near a radiator. The direct heat can weaken glue and leave your shoes worse off. Stuff them with newspaper and leave them for around 24 hours. Try swapping the newspaper out once or twice to speed up the drying.

Put your insoles and laces back into the shoes. Don’t worry if the insoles are a little out of shape. The pressure from your stride will get them back into shape in no time at all.

Avoid the washing machine

There is one way you should never clean running shoes. Never wash them in the washing machine. The shoes are quite likely to be damaged. The damage may be very visible (with distorted shape or loose parts), or there may be invisible and structural damage to the shoe. Weakened seams, glue and supports can all result from using the washing machine. 

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