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How to best protect your feet while running in hot conditions

Summer means hot pavements. Sun-baked roads can be very hot, so it’s a good idea for runners to take care of their feet if they’re heading out in the warmer months. Here’s a few ideas about how to protect your feet while running in summer.

Take care of your feet

Running in warm conditions can lead to uncomfortable foot conditions. There are some ways you can protect your feet from infection, sweat and heat before you head out for a run.

  • Clip your toenails to reduce the area that bacteria can access. Keeping nails trimmed closely can reduce the chance of infections. It also reduces friction, so you have a lower chance of your toenails falling off during repeated intense sessions. Don’t cut them too close, as broken skin can invite issues.
  • Moisturise your feet when you aren’t running. Remove any toughened areas and pay attention to any developing blisters. Wash your feet after a run and allow them to dry completely, including between the toes and around the nails. Don’t put wet feet into running shoes.
  • Athlete’s foot is a fungal infection that can blight even the most fastidious runners. If you share accommodation, use the gym or the pool or share a change room, wear flip flops to protect your feet against cross-contamination.

Take care of your shoes

The usual advice about shoe maintenance relates to cushioning and shock absorption but keeping your running shoes in good condition also helps to protect your feet while running in the heat.

  • Alternate between two pairs of running shoes. This allows each pair to dry out thoroughly between runs. You don’t want to run in warm sweaty shoes as bacteria will certainly grow there.
  • Change your shoes every 500 miles. The older the shoe, the less protection there will be between your foot and the hot ground. Your shoes will be under extra heat stress as well, which may weaken glue over time. Replace them as often as you can.
  • Choose the best quality running shoes you can afford. Better quality shoes will be able to stand up to heat and often have mesh panels to help air circulation around your feet.

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