How to become a morning runner

How to become a morning runner

You’re either here because you want to be an early runner but struggle to get out of bed when it’s still dark, or you’re just curious about how those crazy folks can go bounding past your window at dawn while you’re barely awake enough to find your slippers. Put these ideas into place and you can soon become a morning runner too!

Prepare yourself – Make it easy for yourself. Lay out your workout clothes the night before. Set up the situation so there’s no time to think about how early it is – just put the clothes on and go. If you can make it out the front door, you can make it anywhere.

Hack your routine – Make sure to eat a nourishing dinner early the night before a run. It’ll give your body a dose of the right nutrients and then time to digest it all before sleeping. You’ll wake up lighter and better ready to hit your goals.

Adjust wake up times slowly – This tip is key to changing your morning routine and being able to stick to it. If you suddenly start waking up 3 hours earlier than normal, you’re creating a huge sleep deficit! Start going to bed 15 minutes earlier and waking up 15 minutes earlier, and going for shorter runs. Each week, or as you feel comfortable, get up another 15 minutes earlier. You wont be as tired and the gradual shift will yield good results.

Warm up – Chances are you’ve been sleeping and sedentary for a few hours before your run, so it’s important to gently warm up your body before finding your stride. Stretch first, then a few more vigorous moves like jumping jacks should get the body awake and raring to go.

Check your trails – Before you undertake your first dark/dawn run, do it in the daylight. Inspect the trail for obstacles or rough patches. If it’s too dark, consider a headlamp (good for safe visibility of you, too) or find another track to run.

Lay out your day – If you feel like the run is taking up too much of your morning preparation time, sort that out the night before, too. Set your coffee machine to brew as you get in the door. Have your breakfast and day clothes laid out. Anything you can do to smooth the process will help you run further in the mornings.

Now don’t forget to set your alarm….

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