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How to avoid injury when starting out as a new runner

Undertaking any new activity usually involves a little bit of research and learning beforehand. Of course you can launch into running without any guidance, but that’s likely to cause preventable injuries. Let’s look at ways to avoid running injuries if you’re just starting out.

Right gear – Make sure to invest in some decent running shoes. These will provide cushioning and support for your feet, and reduce the shock of impact to your whole body. It’s recommended to update your shoes every 300miles (500km) as the supports will wear down over time. You might not notice, but do it anyway.

Warm up – Once you’ve laced up your new shoes, spend 5 minutes warming up your body to prepare for the exertion to come. Especially if you’ve been sedentary or are running first thing in the morning, your body will not be expecting a sudden increase in activity. Gentle stretches of your ankles, calves and thighs will go a long way. Don’t forget to warm up your arms and shoulders too. Your core does a lot more work than expected when you’re running, so do some full body twists or touch your toes a few times. Once you feel warm and limber, you can head out on the trail.

Go slow – If you’ve been sedentary until now, start slowly. Start with 30 minutes walks if you haven’t done that before. Then slowly break up your walks with 1 minute jogging intervals between 4 minutes of walking. This will introduce the new movements to your body and give you plenty of time to recover between bouts. Slowly increase the running lengths and shorten the walks.

Not every day – Your muscles need time to recover and strengthen after new exercise. Make sure to start running on alternative days. On your off days you can still stretch and walk if you want to keep your momentum.

Warm down – When you get home, don’t flop on the couch straight away. Before you get your shoes off, spend another 5 minutes stretching again. It will help to disperse the lactic acid that your muscles naturally produce while running, and shorten your recovery times. Hit the showers and make sure you rehydrate, including electrolytes if the weather is warm or you pushed yourself.

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