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How do insoles help runners?

Running is a great low cost sport that you can do almost anywhere, but did you know that running can also be one of the toughest sports on the feet, ankles, knees and hips? Each stride can put 25 times your body weight of pressure on your lower joints.

It can be very helpful to adjust your running kit to help you avoid running-related injuries. This article is about how insoles help runners to protect their joints while enjoying the sport.

Choosing the right pair of running shoes can really help reduce injury. If you’re just starting out, the price tag for a high-quality pair can be intimidating but they will be worth the outlay in the long term. You may also want to think about purchasing a pair of sports performance insoles to slip into your current pair of running shoes. They will instantly help to provide increased cushioning and shock absorption.

Enertor Sports performance insoles help runners by providing better energy conservation as the energy of your stride is reflected to help power your upward foot lift. Insoles help provide greater stability and shock diffusion which can give runners more confidence when running on harder or uneven surfaces.

One surprising way that insoles help runners is that they can extend the life of your running shoes. Every time you take a step in your running shoes, the internal padding and support structures are compressed. They are designed to do this, but these structures are not designed to last forever. They will break down over time (the typical life span of a pair of running shoes is around 500 miles) and will slowly lose cushioning and support. Insoles work to provide additional support, which means some of the force will be reduced on the shoes themselves. Rotating your shoes and using insoles can extend the life of your running shoes by a noticeable number of miles.

Sports performance insoles are also perfect for correcting gait and footfall. People wonder how insoles help runners and often it involves providing additional support for over- or under pronated feet. Insoles help make running more comfortable which should help you enjoy more time on the road.


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