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How do ENERTOR insoles work?

Anything truly great almost never happened without help. Anyone who’s broken their limits knows that. Here at ENERTOR, we definitely know that’s true.

What’s the secret behind our insoles? Why can they recycle 36 percent of all energy in any running stride? How do they reduce the shock of each stride by 44 percent?

It’s all about the patented technology behind the insole itself. It’s called D3O®, a cutting edge technology that when used to support your feet, provides outstanding comfort, superior support, enhanced performance and even injury protection.

The molecules within the D3O® technology flow freely when you (and the substance) are at rest, producing a soft, putty-like texture that will mold to your foot. In our demo kit, ball bearing will even sink into the putty. And when it’s time to go, D3O® springs into action. When your feet impact the surface beneath you, the molecules lock together, absorbing and dispersing the energy throughout the surface of your foot. The harder the impact, the more protection D3O® provides. Check out our spokesman, Usain Bolt, and his reaction when he got up close and personal with the substance that powers our insoles.

D3O® works for you, and once the work of handling impact is done, it goes right back to a soft, form-fitting putty offering that comfort and support that feels so perfect from the moment you slide your foot into the shoe.

Maybe you never thought you needed insoles, but without ENERTOR, you’re denying yourself an additional edge to help you break your limits. D3O® is special, and provides the lifeblood that lets ENERTOR give you a boost to the next level.

Let’s break limits together.

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