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Protect your skin during summer runs or holiday training

Hot weather running brings all sorts of challenges – keeping hydrated chief among them. Have you considered how the added heat effects your skin? Sunburn is the obvious problem, but flaky and dry skin can also pose challenges, along with blocked pores and oily skin from all the extra sweating. Here’s some ideas to take care of your skin while running in the hot weather.


Use sunscreen

It’s obvious but it’s important. Get a well rated sunscreen and cover exposed skin about 20 minutes before you head out. If you can cover your arms and legs all the better – light loose fabrics will help keep you cool during those hot weather running days. Get a light sunscreen for your face so it doesn’t clog your pores – and if you’re heading abroad for a holiday but want to keep up your training, make sure your sunscreen is strong enough for the local weather.


Hydrate well

Keeping well hydrated is another useful tip to help keep your skin in top condition during hot weather running because water can keep your skin refreshed and able to repair itself.

Hydration doesn’t just relate to the water you are drinking. After you’ve come in from your run, wash your face with a gentle cleanser and apply a light hydrating moisturiser. Again, like with your suncream, don’t use thick heavy creams – they will work against you.


Choose your times

If you can, adjust your running schedule so you avoid the peak heat times during the day. Aim for early morning or evening runs instead. Pick routes with plenty of shade if you do need to fit a run in during the day. Wear a hat (at least a visor) to keep the sun off your face.


Clean your skin

Jump in the shower after a run to wash away the accumulated sweat and grime. If you can exfoliate once or twice a week it will also help you to feel cleaner and reduce dull summer skin. Be gentle with your face, as the additional heat and redness can make your skin more prone to breakouts.


Delay your makeup

For people who need to apply makeup after a run, it will help  if you can wait until your skin has cooled off before you do. Let the heat come out of your cheeks, let the redness go down and you will get healthier skin in the long run.


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