The best ice creams for runners

The best ice creams for runners

As runners, we’re usually pretty conscious of the food we use to fuel up before a race. We can be even more focused about how we eat after a run. During summer, it’s nice to take a slightly lighter look at healthy running treats.

We’ve collected some of the best ice creams (and dairy free alternatives) to cool you down and bring a smile to your face this season.


Dairy free ice cream

Perfect World – Banana Walnut Chip flavour

If you avoid dairy products (we certainly do directly before and after a run), this delicious Perfect World – Banana Walnut Chip flavour concoction hits the sweet spot. It’s creamy and low in added sugar and fat. The banana brings natural sweetness and the nuts add plenty of antioxidants and energy.


Ice cream

Mini Milk – Strawberry flavour

While it might be a tad generous to count this under healthy running treats, we’re going to let it pass because it tastes so good. Don’t let the youthful marketing put you off – these ice creams are the perfect portion size, and pack a healthy amount of calcium too.



Frill the Frozen Smoothie – Bursting Berries flavour

This is a stand out contributor to the sorbet category. As far as healthy running treats go, this one is hard to beat. It’s sweet, refreshing, naturally dairy free and has (almost) no fat. If you’re not a huge fan of berries, try the delicious chocolate flavour.


Frozen Yoghurt

Lick – Elderflower and Strawberries flavour

Bursting with the tastes of summer, these delightful pots of frozen yoghurt are a perfect reward for after a warm weather run. At only 87 calories per 100ml, plus natural yoghurt probiotics and plenty of freshly pureed fruit, this is a great all-rounder.


Ice lolly

Del Monte 100% Juice – Orange flavour

If you’re looking for something that’s cool and indulgent that is a little lighter, try the range from Del Monte. They are a tidy 69 calories per serve, and could work very well as part of your cool-down routine. They are essentially frozen fruit juice, which helps to rehydrate and restore vitamins without bulk.


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