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10 ways to have a healthier Christmas

Having a healthier Christmas is possible. Here are 10 simple things you can do to take care of your health and have a good time over the festive period.

  1. Reduce your alcohol intake. There are so many opportunities to have drink during the festivities. Have fun at festive events and simply alternate between water and booze to keep yourself hydrated and ward off a hangover.
  2. Avoid stress. Visiting family, organising menus and navigating the shops can be stressful. Allow yourself some down time by saying no to doing everything and have a healthier Christmas by delegating tasks and planning ahead of time where you can.
  3. Go for a run. Take a break by slipping out of the house for a run on Christmas Day or Boxing Day. You’ll come back refreshed and hungry for more fun.
  4. Care for others. Don’t lose focus on the idea of giving at Christmas. Share time with lonely neighbours, bake an extra batch of cookies or donate to a local shelter.
  5. Keep the mind active. It’s good to take a break over the holidays but don’t let your brain turn to mush in front of the TV! Play some board games with family, create a quiz for entertainment or volunteer to install new tech.
  6. Go easy on dinner. Christmas meals are often far larger than normal. Stop before you’re full. You’ll feel more comfortable, enjoy what you do eat more and sleep much better.
  7. Keep a fruit bowl handy. Fruit can be lost in the fray of sugary treats and heavy meals. Try to include some fruit with breakfast to keep your vitamin and mineral intake up as well as getting some fibre in.
  8. Cook safely. Help everyone have a healthier Christmas by keeping food safely. Put leftovers in the fridge immediately and make sure cooked food is served hot. Don’t mix chopping boards and clean as you go to reduce bacteria and chances of food poisoning.
  9. Avoid snacking. There are sweet treats everywhere at this time of year. Remember that you don’t need to take everything that’s offered. Take it easy, especially between big meals.
  10. Get up and move. Going for a run will help you clear the holiday cobwebs but if you can’t get out of the house, at least get up and move. Stand up, stretch, play a game with the kids. The more you can move the better you’ll feel.
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