5 great things to do after a run

5 great things to do after a run

When you get in from a run you can be forgiven for thinking your work is done and wanting to flop down on the sofa with a cold bottle of water and Netflix. If you want to take advantage of the opportunity to boost your performance on your next run, there’s a few other things you could do first. Don’t worry, the sofa will be there when you’re done. Here are 5 of our top things to do after a run.




It’s amazing how often people skip this crucial post-run habit. It’s better to shorten your run by 10 minutes and fit in a stretching routine than it is to skip them altogether. Focus on your hamstrings, quads and calves. Ease into the stretches and hold them for at least 30 seconds each. There are plenty of short videos online that can guide you through a post-run routine.




Bursting through the door after a run can feel exhilarating but you don’t want to stay boosted for too long. Stress hormones like cortisol will be high, and if you’ve stopped running, it can become unhelpful. Wind down deliberately by doing a few minutes of meditation.




Have some electrolytes on hand for when you finish your run. It doesn’t matter if the run was long or short, in hot or cold weather. If you are in the habit of replenishing your natural salts after a run, you won’t forget when it’s crucial. You can get electrolytes as premixed drinks, effervescent tabs or as pure salts with no added sugar.


Review the run


Once you’ve stretched out, chilled out and rehydrated, take a moment to reflect on your run. How did it go? Were there any tough spots, or did you push through a stubborn distance barrier? Celebrate any victories, and reflect on any troublesome segments. If you have a wearable, it’s a good time to check your stats and splits.




This is our favourite thing to do after a long workout on Sunday mornings. When you’ve had a long week with plenty of training runs thrown in, that final long run can really take it out of you. Even if you’ve taken a short track, if you have the time, take a well-earned nap. It will help your body recover and you’ll feel rested and satisfied when you wake up.


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