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Why golfers are most at risk for knee injuries

It might come as a surprise, but it’s true – golfers are most at risk for knee injuries. While golf may appear to be a sedate sport that doesn’t require much beyond teeing off and directing the cart, nothing could be further from the truth. It takes a surprising level of fitness and flexibility to avoid golf knee injury. Here’s why golfers’ bodies are under stress. 


Why do golfers suffer knee injuries? 


The force applied to the knee when undertaking a golf swing can be up to 4.5 times the weight of the golfer. It’s a quick movement and repeated constantly at each hole, and in practice. The repetition combined with the force is a recipe for golf knee injury. If the technique used is poor, it can add even more stress to the knee. 


How can a golfer protect their knees? 


It’s prudent to protect the health of the knees as much as possible. This begins at home, not on the green. Try these tips: 


  • Eat healthily to maintain a lower body weight (reduces total downward pressure on joints) 
  • Engage in cross-training to strengthen abdominals and core muscles (which aids stability) 
  • Stretch the muscles before and after golf to ensure adequate blood flow and readiness for movement. 


How can a golfer aid recovery from a knee injury? 


Recovering from a golf knee injury focuses on exercises that have reduced pressure loads on the injured knees. There are a lot of different exercises that can be done, but the most important point is this: don’t play golf until the knee is recovered. Continuing to play golf will compound the injury as it’s almost impossible to play without applying the same level of force to the joint. Try swimming, or at least walking in waist deep water – the resistance increases health but removes the force to the joints. Cycling is another excellent option and can be done on a stationary bike or out in the fresh air. This may bring similar health and mental well-being benefits to golfing, especially if conducted with a friend. 

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