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6 of the most common golf injuries and how to prevent them

Golf is a fantastic sport that offers plenty of health benefits like increasing blood flow, reducing stress and increasing muscle strength. Like most sports, it’s not completely risk free. While there’s little chance on being tackled on the green, there are common golf injuries that can develop over time. The good news is there are steps you can take to prevent them.

Knee injuries

Knees can be placed under a lot of strain during tee-off, making it a common location for golf injuries. The stress comes from repeatedly using the knee to support the hips as they rotate through the swing.

Back injuries

Golfers ask a lot from their backs. The repeated actions of bending over to position and pick up the balls, in addition to the twisting of swings means the back muscles are under significant pressure. This can manifest as various specific back-related golf injuries. The cause of pain from your back to your lower limbs after golf can often stem from your feet.

Rotator cuff injuries

Rotator cuff golf injuries usually stem from an improper swing technique, but they can also develop through overuse or sudden impact injuries like striking an unseen rock or root on the course. The shoulder and arm can be asked to work very hard to accommodate the varied movements required to play golf.

Hands, fingers, wrist injuries

Overuse and incorrect technique can inflame the hands and supporting joints, leading to tendinitis. Stress fractures can also develop through the repeated impact of the club striking the ball, although these are less common.

Elbow injuries

Like the other common golf injuries, most elbow injuries stem from improper technique and overuse. Golfer’s elbow is a commonly recognised form of tendonitis, but tennis elbow is found frequently, too. The difference only lies in which elbow tendon is inflamed – the inner tendon in golf and the outer tendon in tennis.

Sore feet and plantar fasciitis

The average person walks 8.5 km on every golf round. The ground force impact on your feet can cause your feet to feel sore and can lead to plantar fasciitis - swelling or irritation of the plantar tendon that runs under the foot.


There are some very simple steps you can take to avoid most common golf injuries. Take advice on your technique to ensure you’re not causing unnecessary strain on your joints and tendons. Repeating poorly executed actions can cause significant injury over time. Make sure your gear is good quality and is the right fit for your body. Finally, warm up well before you tee off to avoid additional pain and inflammation.


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