Golf Alignment and balance starts with your feet

Golf Alignment and balance starts with your feet

Did you know?

The cause of pain from your back to your lower limbs often stems from your feet. Multiple studies indicate over 70% of people would benefit from an insole protecting, supporting or controlling their feet when walking or running.

Golfers tend to be of an older average age than those participating in most other sports and therefore are more likely to suffer from foot, knee, hip or back pain. Enertor insoles have been designed to both prevent and aid recovery from these types of injury and are proven to heal plantar fasciitis in over 75% of sufferers.

Playing 18 holes of golf takes around 4+ hours for a foursome of average players. That’s a long time to be on your feet under any circumstances so it makes sense to ensure your footwear is offering you ultimate comfort, stability, alignment and balance.


Enertor insoles are the only insoles with global rights to use D3O technology. D3O is a smart material that cushions the foot when moved slowly but locks together on impact to absorb and disperse energy, before instantly returning to its flexible state. Enertor insoles actually reduce shock impact by 44%.

On the underside of the insole the 1st met has been cut away to increase the likelihood of a good golf swing and to counteract that the 5th met has been cut away to improve overall foot balance. On the top of the insole there are flanges to improve the direction of the foot and foot stability and a dome in the middle of the insole to reduce unwanted pressure on the forefoot.

Enertor Golf insoles improve posture, which reduces pressure on the lower part of the spine, and improve lower limb alignment and function. They help absorb shock at foot contact and with repeated use will strengthen your ankles and reduce soft tissue knee irritations. They improve rear foot alignment and limit Achilles torsion. The natural heel lift within the insole reduces tension placed on the Achilles and Patella tendons and redistributes pressure away from the tendons whilst reducing repeated irritation through shock absorption.

With regular use Enertor insoles will help to reduce pain and your chances of suffering lower limb injuries. A major study by the Armed Forces proved that our custom made insoles reduce injury by 66% and another independent study found that 91% of wearers of Enertor insoles noticed an improvement in pain relief with 83% of wearers saying they would recommend them to a friend.

Looking after your golf shoes

In addition to pain relief, Enertor insoles will also help prolong the life of your golf shoes by preventing the sole of the shoe from wearing away unevenly so quickly. So, even when your golf shoes are no longer new, Enertor insoles will give you the foot stability you need.


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