Foot and ankle golf injuries: treatment and prevention

Foot and ankle golf injuries: treatment and prevention

If you think about golf related injuries you probably think about hand and elbow issues. They are the most common but foot and ankle injuries hurt just as much! There are some common foot and ankle golf injuries. The good news is you can help prevent them. Here’s how:

Lateral ankle pain – You’re likely to see lateral ankle pain from golfing if you have too much movement in your rear foot when you follow through on your swing. The ligaments can come under strain in repeated long shots. If you’re experiencing lateral ankle pain try warming up your ankles before teeing off, or strapping it with a brace.

Intermetatarsal neuroma – This is one of the most common foot injuries in golfing. It occurs in your non-dominant foot. So, if you have a left handed swing, the neuroma will show up in your right foot, and vice versa. It’s a painful injury, and comes from overuse. Help prevent it by taking it easy, warming up and finessing your stance. You could also try using orthotics to adjust your foot placement.

Hallux subungual hematoma – You might experience this injury if you repeatedly put too much pressure on your big toe when you swing through. If you do this too often, you’ll find blood pooling under your toenail, which can be unsightly and painful. If you have one, you’ll need to drain the blood and support your toe while it heals. To avoid it in the first place, correct your foot placement during your swing.

Extensor tendinitis – This injury has one specific cause which might surprise you. When you’re driving a golf cart on very hilly courses you’re likely to use the parking brake a lot. Pressing the brake too often can cause strain, causing the tendinitis. Avoid it by playing a different course or sharing the driving. If you’ve developed extensor tendinitis, rest and avoid aggravating the injury. You could also take anti inflammatory drugs to aid pain relief.

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