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First ever Running World Cup ends with 1.7million KM run

The first ever Running World Cup has now come to a close after a successful 7 days of competition.

Over 80,000 athletes from all over the world signed up for the event on running app Strava. In total runners from exactly 100 countries took part, with 96 of those having over 10 people in their running squads.

The results of the event are as follows:

Winners - Israel

Israel led from the front across the week, and had over 140 runners posting great KM distances. They will receive the Running World Cup trophy 2018 after a superb effort!

2nd place - Hungary  

The running squad from Hungary put in a great effort - and were always up in the top 5 throughout the week. Eventually they managed to run themselves over the finish line to 2nd place and will take the runners-up spot for 2018.

3rd place - Sweden  

A 3rd place finish represents a great result for the large Swedish squad. Sweden were led by their captain @patstrandqvist (Instagram).

All individuals from these countries who registered with will be entered into prize draws (where eligible) and have the chance to win some great prizes.

The great news is that after the success of 2018, the Running World Cup will be back next year in 2019, with a bigger and even better event that gets even more people running and representing their country.

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