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How can you get faster trail running times?

Trail running is very different to road running. The uneven surfaces and variable elevations ask a lot more of your body, particularly your core stabilising muscles. Sometimes trail runners are content to conquer a course no matter the time on the clock. Other runners do seek to hit a new PB or come in under cut-off times. If you’re looking to improve your trail running pace on your next off-road race, this article will have the information you’re looking for.

Train on groomed trails

It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced trail runner or just beginning – if you want faster running trail times you’ll need to develop your aerobic fitness. Running on groomed trails can help you go further, as you’ll encounter less resistance in the way of obstacles. This will reduce fatigue which means you can concentrate more on speed.

Mix up road and trail runs

It’s not always possible to run on trails every time you want to train. Don’t dismiss the road as a training option though. Use the road runs to build and maintain your conditioning between trail sessions. You can also use road runs for speed work. Scheduling a road-based sprint training session once a week will translate to faster running trail times.

Improve balance

Every footstep on a trail run is different. You need to be able to balance yourself well as you navigate rocks, roots, mud and hills. As you grow in confidence you’ll be able to cover the distance faster. Practice strengthening exercises like lunges, squats and core work. Focus on developing ankle and knee strength so they are better able to withstand the variable ground.

Performing calf raises is a great way to strengthen your ankle and lower leg, which will help to you cope with the uneven surfaces you'll encounter on the trails. 

Get the right gear

Give yourself a confidence boost by kitting yourself out with the right gear. If your footwear is rubbing, causing blisters or failing to provide support, you won’t be able to race with the speed and confidence you’ve developed in training. Find the right trail running shoes for your needs and fit them with sports Running insoles to provide additional comfort, cushioning and efficient energy return.

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