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ENERTOR can help on the diamond, too!

It’s time for the boys (and girls) of summer. Baseball and softball diamonds across the country will be full this summer, stocked with players across the talent spectrum.

Whether you’re trying to fight your way into the major leagues or got talked into joining a work softball league for a chance to get out of the house on Tuesday nights, ENERTOR can help.

Swinging a bat requires a lot of your feet. So does changing direction to snag a grounder or get a jump on a fly ball.

Don’t get us started on sprinting around the base path or pitching. Your feet need support and there’s plenty of room to enhance your performance, too.

That’s where ENERTOR comes in. We’re not just for runners. We’re not just for elite athletes. We can help anyone and enhance any shoe, as well as extend its lifetime.

Poor foot support on the baseball or softball diamond can result in plantar fasciitis, bunions, ingrown toenails and more. And any injury to your feet during physical carries over into everyday life, walking around the office, the home, the grocery store and elsewhere.

That’s no fun, and an injury can end any fun in the field or dirt on the diamond. The energy rebound and D3O technology in our insoles means great comfort, greater support and greater performance.

Baseball and softball are all about quick reactions, shifting your weight and putting tons of stress on the ball and arch of your foot. It’s time to sign up for an insole that can handle the support your feet need to be at their best and help your break your limits without having to worry about breaking anything else in the process.

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