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Don’t settle for just OK, use ENERTOR

It’s easy to settle for “just OK.” That doesn’t take much effort.

We all do it in some form or another, but too many of us do it when we’re trying to take care of our feet.

Multiple recent studies have concluded that 70 percent of people would benefit from some type of shoe insole. That means almost three out of four of us aren’t getting the most out of our shoes.

Check out the difference!

So, some type of insole?

Why not start with the best?

Erica from the popular running blog Erica Finds used to be in that 70 percent. She usually didn’t trade out the factory insoles for ones that would enhance her performance, offer greater support and prevent injury.

ENERTOR does all three of those, and recently, Erica tried out our new insoles. Even in her lightweight Hoka Claytons, she loved the effect they had.

So, I bet you are wondering, “did they make me run like Usain Bolt?” Well, not exactly, but I did like them…

I took my Hokas with the ENERTOR inserts on a 9 mile run at Waterfall Glen. It is a hilly, crushed gravel trail. We did hill repeats. I liked the firmness, cushion and bounce. I was pleasantly surprised at the performance and how my legs felt after the run and the next day.

Erica had plenty more to say about her trial encounter with our insoles. You can read it all here.

For most of us looking to break our limits, our feet are immensely important. Don’t let them go unsupported.

ENERTOR can help. Be part of the 30 percent of people maximizing what a good pair of shoes can do for your feet.

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