Most dangerous running trails in the world

Most dangerous running trails in the world

Sometimes the familiar trails or urban asphalt just become a little, well, boring. If you are really looking to challenge yourself and take some (ok, a lot) of risk, here are some of the most dangerous running trails in the world. Runners die on these trails every year, although we hear the views are spectacular. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.


Kalalau Trail – Hawaii, USA

If you’re keen to see active volcanos and waterways that are prone to flash flooding, this trail is for you. There’s a beautiful beach waiting at the end of this run, but you’ll need to get past the ‘Crawler’s Ledge’, complete with huge drop-off, first.


Mount Marathon – Alaska, USA

A mere 3 miles long, this run up Mount Seward sounds tame at first glance but is a genuinely brutal run. You’ll need to cover over 3000 feet of elevation on the way up and 38 degree angled slopes on the downward track. Nasty injuries are not uncommon.


Aonach Eagach Ridge – Scotland

This run is great if you want to get out into the famous Scottish Highlands and see some breathtaking views. It’s not great if you are afraid of heights or death. There are extremely steep drop off along the ridges, and again, horrible injuries have been sustained by runners there.


Caminito del Ray – Spain

This is such a dangerous running trail that the whole thing was closed for renovations because so many people died while attempting it. This trail’s highlight is running boards that are anchored to the side of sheer cliff faces.


Huckleberry Mountain, Montana USA

Compared to some other running trails, this one isn’t actually that difficult. The thrill of this run comes from the large population of Grizzly Bears and their habit of making meals of runners. If you can bear it, the 6 mile course through Glacier National Park is said to be quite beautiful.


Drakensberg Traverse, South Africa

A mere 220-240 kilometres long, the Drakensberg Traverse is said to be a challenging and enjoyable run. A mere 55 runners recorded the ultimate Did Not Finish up to 1985. Steep elevations, chain ladders of dubious quality and no established trail combine to create a run to remember (if you make it back).



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