Crossfit for runners

Why CrossFit is great for runners

Incorporating diverse training sessions alongside your regular mileage may offer an improvement in your overall fitness and even race times. Recent research shows that CrossFit for runners may be particularly beneficial for recreational runners.

CrossFit sessions involve typically high intensity activities that demand maximum effort for around 60-70 minutes at a time. Weight lifting, bodyweight exercises and aerobic activities are often combined in challenging sequences.

The benefits of CrossFit for runners

One study examined a group of healthy people who ran 10 miles a week on average and split them into two test groups. One group was given a typical training schedule that comprised of short runs, high intensity sessions and a weekly long run. This schedule saw the first group extend their total mileage to around 30-40 miles per week. The second group ran two high intensity runs, participated in two CrossFit sessions and once a week performed both activities consecutively.

It turns out that CrossFit for runners is a far more time-efficient method of increasing 5K times when compared to a traditional running schedule. Both groups improved their times equally and reduced equal percentage of bodyfat. This is fantastic news for anyone who is interested in achieving a faster short-distance time but doesn’t have the hours to put into traditional training.

CrossFit for amateur runners

CrossFit for runners may be most beneficial for people starting out in their running careers. It’s suggested that the overall benefits of CrossFit may come from improving general fitness which would lead to more dramatic results for amateur runners. The jury is out on how well the intensive exercises would support a longer distance runner’s effort. In the latter case, the advice to just get more miles under the belt as often as possible may still be the most effective.

CrossFit is a divisive activity – some people love it while others can’t stand it. If you enjoy the focus of the workouts, it’s likely that the total body workouts will benefit your core and back strength which will help maintain posture while running. If it’s not your cup of tea, then you won’t be worse off for sticking to the road.

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