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Christmas themed running outfit ideas

Training doesn’t need to stop because it’s cold or because your on holiday – in fact there are lots of reasons to get out and put in the miles during the holiday season. You could choose to run a Jingle Bell Jog, a Merrython or a Santa Speed Race! There are so many different Christmas themed runs around the UK, Europe and beyond, so why not get involved?

Part of the extra fun of racing during the Christmas holidays is the excuse to get a little merry with your gear too. Check out some of these ideas for running in costume with a bit of extra cheer that won’t slow you down to a walking pace!

Running capes – A running cape can make you feel like a superhero! It’s an easy dress up idea too, as all you need to do is attach the cape to your shoulders and you’re good to go. There are tons of patterns to choose from, everything from Santa faces, snowflakes, or Christmas trees – your pick! And because a cape is so lightweight it adds fun without interfering with you usual running technique too much.

Seasonal Socks – This fancy dress idea is very easy and flexible. You can even get away with wearing these later in the year if you want. Think bold red and white stripes, or ginger bread men, or reindeer…the list goes on!

Mr or Mrs Claus running gear – You too can look like the Jolly Old Man (or his wife). Match a long sleeve top that looks like the real red deal with long red running tights and you’ll be running in style! (Tie bells to your laces for extra jingle!)

Printed Shirts – The options for printed shirts with Christmas running designs are almost endless. Dress like an elf in a cheerful green vest. Rock a simple slogan like ‘RUN’ all lit up with Christmas lights. Snowmen faces or repeating candy cane patterns all bring the spirit of fun to the run.

Headgear – Headbands that light up with tree lights, bandanas printed with snowmen, or slogans like, ‘run first, then mince pie’ keep your head warm, and give a nod to the Christmas theme without interfering with your usual running gear.

Runner’s tutu – A fun and bouncy way to bring the Christmas cheer. It’s short and lightweight and you can go anywhere with the printed motifs. There are tutu designs with twinkly fairy lights and others with prints inspired by traditional Christmas jumpers!

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