The runner’s guide to keeping weight off this Christmas

The runner’s guide to keeping weight off this Christmas

December is a time to celebrate family, friends and plentiful party food. Tables groan under the weight of hot dinners and more often than not, the drinks are flowing, too. It could be easy to find yourself a couple of pounds heavier after all the merriment, but it doesn’t have to be so. If you’re looking to stay trim over the holidays, try these Christmas running diet tips. 


Enjoy the seasonal treats 


If there’s a special food that is served only at Christmas, you’d be mad to pass it up. Enjoy the treats and traditions of the season. Roast potatoes and other every day fare, on the other hand, can be had all year round. Leave them off your plate to make room for the treats. 


Try a high protein breakfast 


This is a handy Christmas running diet tip – but it can be used all through the year as it’s so effective. If you eat a healthy breakfast that’s high in protein, you’re probably still going to be quite full at lunch time. When you’re not starving with low blood sugar, you can be selective about what you want to eat, and how much. 


Eat slowly

This ties in to the advice above. If you aren’t starving when you sit down to eat, you can make good choices about what you’ll enjoy. Enjoy each bite of food and don’t eat it too quickly. Your stomach takes about 15 minutes to tell the brain it’s full, so give it a chance to send the signal! 


Choose alcohol wisely

Alcoholic drinks can be a surprising hiding place for hundreds of extra calories. If you do want to drink, stay away from sugary pre-mixed options and sweet wines. Instead, try drier wines or clear spirits with soda water and lime. Alternate alcohol with water to keep yourself hydrated.

Don’t worry about enjoying yourself over the holidays. Combine these Christmas running diet tips with your regular running schedule and you should burn any extra calories off in no time. If you’re really worried, give the big meal a couple of days to settle, and then head out for a long, slow run. You’ll feel better in no time. 

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