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Can arch height predict future running injuries?

Can your running arch height predict your running injuries? Researchers say it’s possible. The opinions on which shoes are beneficial for high or low arches have changed over time, and recently has be best described as, ‘wear whatever is comfortable’. The latest science is making everyone reconsider this advice. Let’s talk about how running arch height can impact your body and predict future injuries. 


Low arch running injuries 


In general, studies show that runners with low arches tend to develop joint injuries and soft tissue damage. Most commonly these manifest as runner’s knee, or Achilles tendonitis. Low arched runners generally have reduced stiffness while running – which means the muscles take up much of the slack. This is why soft tissue is more commonly impacted. 


High arch running injuries 


In contrast, runners with high arch height are more likely to run with stiffness in the body, which is typically absorbed by the skeletal structure. This leads to stress fractures and shin splints. 


What to do with this information 


It seems like running arch height may have an impact on your shoe choice, after all. If you have significantly high or low arches, and have injuries that can be linked to them, it might be time to investigate further. Here are some things you can do to help reduce your chances of arch-related injuries. 


  • See a sports physiologist, and take care of budding injuries. Many of the injuries mentioned above can become chronic if not addressed early. 
  • Consult an expert shoe fitter about your need for extra, or specific support. 
  • Investigate if orthotic inserts can provide specialised support for your arches. 
  • Consider training with alternate footfall methods or other biomechanical adjustments to reduce stiffness (in high arched runners) or mediate soft-tissue impact (for low arched runners). 


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