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How hiking boot insoles can help you enjoy more

Hiking boots should be comfortable and provide plenty of support. If you’re going to rely on them to carry you over challenging terrain, often for days at a time, you need them to do their job. While hiking boots are made to provide traction, they are sometimes lacking in foot support. This is where hiking boot insoles may come in useful. Find insoles that can provide support and cushioning, and that can be cut to fit your preferred hiking shoe.



High quality hiking boot insoles can help mitigate existing foot problems. If you have issues with over pronation (feet landing on the outsole, leading to ankles rolling out), insoles can help correct it. Helping your feet land in a midsole position can help provide stability, and can relieve joint pain in the ankles, knees and hips. If your joints are aligned well, you’re likely to find hiking longer distances more comfortable. High quality supportive insoles can also help make hiking accessible to people with exisiting foot problems like plantar fasciitis. They can help reduce pressure and provide additional support.



Hiking trails can take you across various surfaces. Often trails are compacted, or take you over rocky sections. Even if your trail is smooth and flat, walking for miles each day will put pressure on your feet. If you’re carrying a pack, ensuring your feet are well cushioned is even more important. Absorbing the repeated shock of stepping over various terrain can reduce fatigue, helping you face the next day’s segment feeling fresher.


Foot care

If you are regularly doing multi-day hikes, you’ll be aware that taking care of your feet is paramount. Making sure your feet are dry and in good condition can be the deal breaker for a hike. Using hiking boot insoles can help reduce rubbing and friction, and they can be removed to help shoes dry out faster. Keep your feet in good shape by lacing your boots correctly, keeping your feet dry when you can, and swapping your socks every day.

Hiking can be a great way to explore, but it can be uncomfortable if you don’t have the right kit. Taking the time to select the right equipment from pack to shoes and insoles can make or break the success of your adventure.



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