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What marathon makes your bucket list?

If you’ve been bitten by the marathon bug, or the travel bug, or both, you may have a marathon bucket list. If you’ve ever considered registering for a marathon that requires a passport to get to, you may want to take a look at this list.  

Sydney Marathon  

The Sydney marathon covers every iconic sight of Australia’s premier tourist destination. Run across the famous Harbour Bridge and take in views of the Australian beaches and sunshine. An epic finish line awaits at the Sydney Opera House.

Sydney Marathon

Midnight Sun Marathon 

This is the definition of a bucket list marathon. Head north to Tromso, Norway and cross 26.2 miles of ground under a midnight sun. Run between the pristine coastline and the staggering mountain range.

If you like, come back in the long dark months to run under the Northern Lights. 

Midnight Sun marathon in Tromso

Paris Marathon 

This marathon is great if you love experiencing huge crowds and a pulsating atmosphere. Take in the sights of the Arc de Triomphe, the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame. It’s a multicultural melting pot and a challenging race to boot. 

Paris marathon

Great Wall Marathon

The race that calls seasoned marathoners, the Great Wall Marathon takes place along the Great Wall of China.

This bucket list marathon is extremely challenging and calls for climbing up and down ancient steps along the route. The locals come out in force to cheer on runners and we think you’ll appreciate the encouragement. 

Great Wall of China marathon

Rome Marathon 

See the Holy See along this flat course through Rome’s cobbled streets. It’s becoming popular but still has far fewer competitors than the largest city marathons.

Enjoy eons of history and culture while running. This race is definitely a bucket list marathon contender. 

Rome marathon

Anchorage RunFest Marathon 

If you want to turn your marathon into a family affair, head to Alaska for the RunFest. The marathon itself is scenic and wends through cityscapes and parkland.

The race is folded into a festival that includes plenty of relays and races for all ages, including the kids.  

Alaska marathon

Sun or snow, night or day, historic or modern – you choose the style and location of your marathon for this year. It will be an unforgettable experience.  

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