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Break your limits on the tennis court, too

When Usain Bolt takes to the track, everyone knows there’s a pretty good chance he’s going to break his limits.

But you don’t need world-class speed or the exposure that comes with being an Olympic athlete to celebrate accomplishment.

You can break your limits anywhere, and that includes your average park with only a net separating you and your opponent.

Love Tennis Blog knows that, and got a hold of some ENERTOR insoles to figure out just how to break their limits. It didn’t take long.

The Enertor soles are fantastic. Read no further. Enertor have produced an incredible product and everyone should buy them. The Enertor insoles are made from a fantastic material called D30. As a tennis player, average athlete and general fitness freak these insoles have proved to be both comfortable and very effective at supporting my feet!

You can see the whole post here, and Peter, the blog’s author, even posted his own video playing around with the D3O® material that let ENERTOR do what it does.

Here’s what Peter had to say about the D3O demo kit:

It pulls apart so cleanly and easily but if I place on a hard surface and hit it with a hammer it hardens and bounces. Why is this so good? As well as providing incredible comfort and softness to my feet it also protects my foot from heavy impacts. The final test was the ball bearing test in which a beating was dropped at a height onto two different pads. One absorbed the energy completely an didn’t bounce whatsoever. The other rebounded. There are shoes on the market that advertise energy return soles but this product actually does it. As a sportsperson wouldn’t you like to know that your equipment was working with you and every step you take your insoles were reusing the energy from your own movement.

We’re glad to have Peter on board as an ENERTOR believer, and we hope you join us soon.

Whether you’re an ace tennis star traveling around the world, a middle-aged hobbyist who loves to dominate your club tournament or an average player who takes to the court with a few friends once in awhile, ENERTOR can help you.

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