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Best spring marathons 2018

Are you looking for the best Spring marathons to run? There are plenty of excellent races coming up on the Spring calendar. Look across the Channel to find some of the best Spring marathons in Europe.   Hamburg Marathon, Germany, 29 April 2018   This is a lively marathon that’s compared to its larger cousin in Berlin in terms of quality and also elevation. The Hamburg course is almost completely flat and takes in the sight of the beautiful Aussenalster Lake.   Copenhagen Marathon, Denmark, 13 May 2018   Copenhagen is a beautiful city and the marathon gives you plenty of chances to soak it in. Another flat course, the marathon is a great one to run and offers many post-race indulgences like famous Danish pastries.   Ibiza Marathon, Balearic Islands, 8 April 2018   If you’re keen for a party head to Ibiza for a challenging and worthy marathon. There are hills to climb but the views of the ocean are spectacular. Be surprised by castles and rural areas which belie the island’s party reputation. Of course, the after-party is one to stick around for.   Volkswagen Prague Marathon, Czech Republic, 7 May 2018   Europe has some of the flattest marathon courses and this is no exception. The local support for runners is generous as you head through the Old Town and cross the Vlatava River. Enjoy a cool beer or two after you cross the finish line.   Madrid Rock n’ Roll Marathon, Spain, 22 April 2018   This is a race like no other. Join 15 000 competitors along a stimulating route. There are a lot of hills to face but the constant live entertainment provides good motivation to power through. It might seem like a lark but the Madrid Rock n’ Roll Marathon is an IAAF Gold Label certified race, so you are in for a quality race experience.   About Enertor Advanced Technology InsolesEnertor insoles are designed to prevent a number of common running injuries and provide more comfort. Designed by leading podiatrists to reduce your risk of injury, the unique design features support your foot throughout training. Enertor insoles are enhanced by D3O impact protection technology, which means they can provide more shock absorption than any other insole. Our expertise, combined with the patented D3O shock absorption technology, enables Enertor to deliver the most advanced injury prevention insoles on the market today. Enertor insoles are available to buy from our online shop. Whilst Enertor has over 18 years Orthotics experience, our blog content is provided for informational purposes only and it is not a substitute for your own doctor’s medical advice. Enertor advises anyone with an injury to seek their own medical advice – and do not make any health or medical related decisions based solely on information found on this site.