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Best new running shoes Spring 2018

Winter can be hard on shoes. If your old faithful pair has seen it’s 500th mile, it might be time to say goodbye. Are you looking for the best new running shoes Spring 2018? We’ve found some of the best new running shoes on the market for the Spring 2018 running season.

Altra Duo

Road runners will get a kick out of the new Altra Duos. Coming in at 224g, they are incredibly light but offer exceptional padding and support to diffuse impact shock. The 30mm stack will keep your feet and knees protected. We love the zero drop and wide toe box, which give you plenty of opportunity to use a mid- or forefoot strike with ease.

Hoka One One Mach

If you prefer a firmer shoe with a bit less give in the forefoot, the Mach might be your best new running shoes Spring 2018. Another shoe designed for road runners in mind, the Mach offers plenty of shock absorbance coupled with durability. We love the mesh upper which is flexible and breathes well, while keeping support firm and consistent.

Salomon S/Lab Ultra

These are the trail shoes you save for race day. The S/Lab Ultras are highly technical trail shoes that offer a very firm toe box for accuracy on slippery trails. The lugs grip anything under them and are very reliable in wet and muddy conditions. An exceptional inclusion, the ‘wings’ allow for natural foot swelling over Ultra-level distances while maintaining good hold and no rubbing.

Saucony Peregrine 8

The newest edition of Saucony’s Peregrines are the best new running shoes Spring 2018 for everyday trail runners. The 6mm outsole lugs keep you steady on trails and grass, while the EVERUN topsole helps energy return to keep you running for longer with less effort. The 4mm heel drop gives you a natural gait with flexibility upon landing.

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