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Best music apps to use while running

There’s nothing quite like hitting your stride on a run while letting excellent tunes set the pace. You can sink into the beats and enjoy being distracted from the physical effort you’re putting in.

Sure, you can load up a playlist on your smartphone, but sometimes it’s good to have new music delivered to you. It’s even better when an app can specifically feed you running music that’s tailored to your goals. Let’s check out the best music apps to use while running.


Google Play Music

Available on Android and iPhone, Google Play Music is a free streaming app. There’s a whole subsection of playlists called ‘Working Out’ and it’s worth exploring. There’s a running music subset in this collection, along with playlists for other styles of workout. There’s a decent amount of variety, but it’s certainly not endless. It’s a good place to begin, but you may find yourself reaching out to other sources for fresh tunes.



This app is the most popular music streaming service and there’s no surprises why. It’s available on Android and iPhone. Spotify is free by default, but you can pay a small monthly fee for premium ad free listening. Search the app for ‘running music’ and you’ll find a plethora of tailored playlists. They cover all sorts of music styles, and there are specific playlists for various types of running, too. It’s worth paying for Premium access as you can download as much as you like for offline listening (saving your mobile data).



This is the app for runners who only care about running music. Like the others, it’s available for download on both major app platforms. The major benefit of RockMyRun is the level of customisation that can be achieved. Choose your preferred genre of music, or load up tracks by type of run (Sprints? Marathon? You got it).

You can load up known favourites or let the app serve you up some new tunes that will help you go the distance.  The coolest thing about RockMyRun is that it helps to match your stride cadence to your music selection. It’s great for setting a pace and sticking with it.


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