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The benefits of keeping a running diary

If you already keep a written log of your running data (times, tracks, nutrition etc), then you’re easily at an advantage over those who don’t. The benefits of being able to analyse the data over time helps to spot weaknesses and improve results. What if there was a way to extend this logging to see even better results? There is: keep a running diary.


What is a running diary?

It can be an extension of your running data or a separate journal. It’s a place to write down your thoughts about your runs. The entries can be brief or long, it depends on what you feel you need to say. The context added to the hard data will help you understand why some day’s performances are better than others.


Why should I keep a running diary?

Some of the world’s top runners use a journal to help track their thoughts. They also use it as a place to ‘dump out’ their thoughts and anxieties about big races coming up. Studies have shown that writing down worries about an approaching test, like an exam or race, can help reduce anxiety on the day and see improved results.


How else can it help?

Use the running diary as a way to compare your expectations to your reality. Spend 5 minutes imagining what your perfect run looks like, from beginning to end. Write it down. After your next run, write down how it went. Use the notes to compare and see where you can improve.

Setting goals in a diary can keep you focused and motivated on days when you don’t feel like pulling on your shoes. If issues like injury do crop up, you can use your training data and your journal entries to pin point when problems started to occur, for example.

You can also use the diary to frame your season. Establish your goals at the beginning and keep journalling as you progress. You will start to build a picture of how you are progressing and if your pre-season goals are realistic. Once the season is over, go over your notes and consider your successes and areas for improvement.

Keeping a running diary can be both cathartic and strategic – either way, it will surely benefit you when you are out there on the road.



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