Avoid negative thinking while running

Avoid negative thinking while running


The mind is a powerful thing. It can really influence the success of your daily run. If you decide that it’s not a good day, or that you don’t really feel like seeing a run through, you’ll likely quit or dawdle your way through. Your performance is supported by your body but directed by your mind.

The good news is you have the power to change your thoughts. If you know you want to achieve your goals but you’re having an off day, there are ways to combat the negativity. Sometimes spontaneous negative thoughts pop into your head as you’re on the trail – there’s ways around those, too. Let’s check them out.


“I’m so tired”

If you feel yourself slowing down you might start repeating something like ‘I’m exhausted, I should stop, this run doesn’t really matter’ and on it goes until you give up. Instead, nip this thought spiral in the bud. Replace ‘I’m so tired’ with ‘I feel better’ or ‘I can do this’ or even ‘I am tired but I’m going to do this right, right now’.


“I can’t believe they overtook me”

It can be demotivating when someone passes you on the track, but really, so what if they do? You’re training your body, not theirs. Maybe it’s their speed work day. Maybe they are on mile 2 when you’re on mile 15? You just don’t know. Change your thoughts to ‘good luck with your run, I’m having a good day, too’. Wish them well and use the feeling to motivate your next run.


“I have so far to run”

We’ve all been there – the distance remaining can feel daunting. Put the total distance out of your mind and aim for the next mile. If that’s too far, just promise yourself you can run to the next lamp post, or the next tree, or the next corner. Segment your run all the way to the end if you have to. You’ll be surprised and really proud when you make it to the end.


“I’m too slow”

This is really subjective. As a wise person once said – you’re running faster than all those people sitting on their sofas watching TV. Try focussing on your great technique or your additional distances you’ve covered lately. Speed is not the only measure of success.



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