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Avoid these 5 foods to get a good night’s sleep and run better

Have you ever noticed that some mornings just seem harder than others?

Even if you get the same amount of sleep, it can feel like facing your scheduled morning run is next to impossible. The sluggishness you feel may be impacted by the foods you eat before bed time.

Do you want energy-filled mornings that start off with a productive run? Try eating these foods earlier in the day, and see what happens.  

Saturated fat 

While red meat has plenty of protein and iron, it also has plenty of saturated fat. High levels of saturated fat can slow digestion, which can lead to lighter or interrupted sleep.

When the body is spending energy processing that heavy meal, it can’t fully relax and have deep rest. 



Who doesn’t love a cheeky chocolate treat in the evening? The trouble with chocolate is that it contains caffeine, which is a well-known stimulant.

Theobromine in cocoa can also increase your heart rate, and that can make relaxation and sleep more difficult.  



Tomato-based pasta sauces are delicious and good for you, but maybe not late at night. The amino acid tyramine found naturally in tomatoes can trigger a stimulant-like effect in the brain, which can perk you up a little too much for the evening.

Alongside the stimulatory effects, the high acidity of tomatoes can give people heartburn, which is another sleep disruptor. 


It’s true that enough alcohol will help you fall asleep, but there’s plenty of evidence that shows alcohol-induced sleep is of terrible quality. Your body needs a combination of deep and light sleep, which comes in natural cycles through the night.

Alcohol interrupts these cycles, dehydrates you and could leave you with a sore head the next day. That doesn’t sound like the best way to wake up for a run. 


No, that’s not a typo. Of course, you should not drink much water before bed, especially if you’re planning a run early in the morning. The trick here is to drink water throughout the day.

If you water load before you go to bed, you’re likely to be up to the toilet throughout the night, impacting your sleep quality.  

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